About Us

image of the lobby inside murphy law firmMurphy Law Firm, Inc. was opened in Tempe, Arizona in 1992 by Thomas Murphy and is concentrated in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law.

We assist clients in all areas of estate planning, ranging from a simple will or power of attorney to complex trusts, family limited partnerships and other entities. We stress addressing all needs relating to health care, especially issues that may arise if you become incapacitated. This includes effectively dealing with the obstacles created by the 2003 implementation of the HIPAA privacy regulations. We also advise clients on sensitive problems such as second or subsequent marriages and young, minor or otherwise irresponsible children. We provide explanations and solutions to all estate and income tax issues.

We handle any and all probate matters, to include all post-death estate administration issues. This includes assisting the personal representative or trustee in locating, valuing and distributing estate assets, in preparing all income and estate tax returns and in executing deeds and other transfer documents. We routinely handle all guardianship and conservatorship matters. We are the main source for referrals from other Phoenix-area probate attorneys for all contested or unusually complicated probate matters, such as will contests, allegations of financial exploitation, breaches of fiduciary duties by a guardian, personal representative, trustee or agent and contested guardianships.

We assist families who have a spouse or parent who is in a nursing home or is about to enter one. We advise clients on how they can protect a sizeable portion of their estates from nursing home costs so that their spouse or family does not become impoverished. We also assist clients with the special problems as they relate to a disabled spouse or child.

At Murphy Law Firm, Inc., we pride ourselves in providing a personal approach to all your estate planning needs.